Every Ontario Student Needs To Be Safe From COVID-19.

All schools in Ontario are facing mounting costs! Yet 1 in 5 are getting no support or funding to ease the pressure. We must protect the health and safety of all Ontario students.

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COVID-19 is a huge challenge for schools in Ontario.

Keeping classrooms clean and healthy is the top priority for every school in the province. But the costs of PPE, deep cleaning classrooms, ventilation and other necessary safety measures go far beyond typical operating costs. Let's make sure every student in every classroom in Ontario has access to the supports they need to stay safe.

COVID-19 funding isn't reaching every school.

Despite significant investments at the provincial and federal levels to support schools dealing with increased public health costs, not all schools can access that funding.

"As a parent, I am confident that our schools are doing their best to keep my family safe, but we need help to do that. This funding would be an integral piece to ensuring our children’s safety, and my peace of mind as a parent."

Cheryl J., Beamsville

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